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Merkaba Light Table

There is a difference between the Merkaba-Star Tetrahedron and the geometry of the Merkaba-Star Octahedron. As consciousness is prepared to take a leap forward, it will need a new foundational geometry from which to express... and that new geometry is the “Star-Octahedron.” It is the shape of things to come, the shape of our new light-body. While laying on the table many say they loose all track of time. High vibrational oils are placed on specific chakras. Then grounding to earth and connection to higher self, tuning forks to align and balance the body and the healing begins.

Once you have experienced the Merkaba Light Table your body and soul will desire the process time and time again.

The Merkaba light Table:

  • Creates a Peaceful State of Well-Being (Stress Reduction)
  • Boosts the Body's Natural Healing Process
  • Clears and Balances the Chakras, Aura and Light body and Energy field
  •  Accelerates Higher Consciousness Awakening and Personal Transformation

This advanced healing module

Utilize Scared Geometry

Vortex Scalar Technology

Quantum Physics Entrainment

To Find out more about the MLT process or to book your appointment call or contact today!

40-60 minutes


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