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Linda is a very gifted healer.

She gave me 3 sessions with the Merkaba Light Table.

The sessions where incredibly relaxing and restorative. I was in a deep relaxing state.

2 of the sessions, she did a Pranic healing session, along with the Merkaba Light Table session and the results were long lasting and helped a lot with the pain I was experiencing.

I would highly recommend a session from Linda.



Denver, Co

I had strained the muscles in my back while lifting my grand child. I was in terrible pain my personal physician gave me pain medication and muscle relaxers. This did not help, the pain just got worse. I was experiencing severe muscle spasms and intense shooting pains. I then tried a chiropractor no help, then an acupuncturist still no relief.

I was desperate to find help, then a good friend of mine told me about Linda. I hesitantly reached out to her as a last resort. To my delight she got me in immediately for a Pranic healing session. After my session I could not believe the relief I felt! I made an appointment to return in three days for a fallow up treatment.

As the days went on I just felt better and better. To my surprise I was healed. I ended up canceling my next appointment. I was truly blessed to find such a gifted healer! I would highly recommend Linda, she is amazing!



Centennial, CO

In order to keep my energy balanced, I maintain a monthly appointment. In case of emergencies I will see Linda every two weeks.  Many times while on her table I experience immediate emotional release.  I love the the essential oils she incorporates in the healing.

Linda is a very loving and compassionate person.  We chat before each session to "zero in" on my needs.  I have also encouraged other friends and family members to seek her help.


Aurora, CO

When   ​I met Linda in the Spring of 2019 I felt emotionally desperate.  Physically I felt weak and mentally I felt very tired.  I had tried to get sober with rehab and the 12 Steps and was struggling with the obsession to drink.  

Since seeing Linda my relationships are stronger and more fulfilling. My attitude towards life is more happy and positive.  I am much more spiritually connected to my higher power, angels and spirit guides. I can feel the energy more free flowing within me.  I love feeling clean and cleared.  Linda opens channels that are stuck which need to be cleared so that movement can happen in my business or personal growth and healing.


Denver, CO   

I felt like I needed help beyond the traditional psychotherapy I had received in the past.  My sense of hopelessness had filled me with so much doubt that I was physically achy with frequent headaches, anxiety, and even had moments of contemplating suicide.  I struggled to connect with my loved ones and I was stressed with my professional life.  I felt empty and alone.  I felt weak and useless.

Linda has helped me find my way back to fully enjoying and feeling grateful for living.  My marriage has been increasing in love and passion.  I am closer to my family and friends. I am now full of confidence and have faith in abundance.  I feel cared for by the Divine and love myself.  I feel free to pursue my dreams and empowered to handle all of the challenges of modern life.

I love how Linda gives me solid tools (mantras, meditations, or numbers) to help me between sessions. 


Aurora, CO   

In the past few years I had several family members pass away.  I had never really grieved for any of them.  I just kept pushing down my grief until my health began to deteriorate.  My heart was feeling the pain and anguish.  I was given heart medication  Meanwhile, 3 or 4 good friends passed away and I was back to square one.  I knew I needed a healing.

My physical health feels great.  I feel alive and motivated in all facets of my life again, including my spiritual outlook, which seemed to have diminished with time and heartache.


Centennial, CO 

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