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Ear candling

(also called ear coning).

Ear Candling is a gentle and relaxing technique of inserting a hollow candle into the ear canal to draw out excess wax and debris. It has a surprisingly relaxing effect.

A long, hollow, tapered "candle", usually a cone made of muslin and coated with wax, is inserted into the ear and lit. The smoke moves down the cone, into the ear and back out, creating a vacuum effect that draws out debris and wax.

Candling will treat the following conditions:

Headaches, Ringing/Tinnitus, Vertigo, Infections, Head Pressure, Plugged Ears, Chronic Sinusitis, TMJ Dysfunction, Hearing Loss, Imbalance, Excessive Ear Wax , Earaches/Pain

The number of treatments recommended to you is dependent on what you are seeking treatment for. To maintain optimum ear health, most people need just two or three candling sessions to get their ears clean.

Candling can benefit almost everyone from infants to adults. People who have ear tubes, perforated eardrums, or artificial eardrums should not be candled.

The facilitator does not offer medical advice, nor prescribe the use of any technique for the treatment of medical conditions.

approx. time 30-60min


$125.00 pkg of three treatments

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